Thursday, May 8, 2008

Committing to the Backbend

"When you practice backbends this way—honoring resistance, working with integrity and sensitivity—the result is not only more access to the benefits of backbends but an inevitable transformation of the elements within you that initially resisted the practice."- Kate Tremblay, Yoga Journal

This Yoga Journal article describes the experience I've often had in my yoga class. I practice yoga seeking sanctuary and can get frustrated when that peaceful, meditative place is interrupted by a pose that's just too darn hard!
The week, however, has been different. This time, I've committed to the backbend- both in the studio......
Committed to really using wisely the energy this pose takes and relaxing in any way I can.
Committed to knowing that I have enough air, strength, and patience to push up one more time.
Committed to noticing the intensity of feeling that this pose brings and sticking with it anyway.
....and on the running trail, trainer, pool lane....
Committed to sticking with a very full training schedule.
Committed to nailing my intervals.
Committed to focusing on form and heartrate when I feel tired and unmotivated.
Committed to remembering that this is a build week -- so don't back down!
Committed to my reasons.
One pose. So many benefits. Especially when it's hard.