Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Tale of Two Race Reports: Wondergirl 5K

"It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." - A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens

This Saturday my string of Spring races continued with the Wondergirl 5K. Capping off the end of a three week build, I looked at this race from two different perspectives. Here are a few notes from the day.

The Best of Times

  • Meeting fellow Team Stayput teammates! These gals have some BIG goals for the year. It's going to be inspiring to follow their progress.

  • Representing Goody at the Wondergirl Festival's Happy Hair Station.

  • Helping hundreds of elementary school-aged gals get the hair ready for their first 5K race.

  • Cheering on these same gals as they approached the finish line -- some with smiles, some with tears.

  • Being part of an exciting pre-race atmosphere that inspires girls to be their very best selves.

  • Trying out a new pre-race warm-up routine.

  • Having my coach there to cheer me on just a few short hours before she left for Boston to run her own little race.

The Worst of Times

  • How many different ways can one person feel TIRED? Physically, mentally, emotionally...CHECK. It's been a big three weeks and I woke up dreaming of the REST WEEK that lay ahead. Not exactly fuel for the PR fire!

  • Hilly course! Those elementary school girls made it through a tough first 5K.

  • Hot, hot, hot. Spring is here and the sun was out.

  • Knowing I had a 2-hour bike ride waiting for me at the finish line.

  • Running my slowest 5K in a long while: ~ 26:00 and change. Note me being passed at the line in the picture above! Oh, Saturday brings another race!

Final Results

3.1 mi

26:08 (8:25 mi)

Age Group: 5/18

Overall: 109/233