Friday, May 9, 2008


"Believe you can and you're halfway there.” - Theodore Roosevelt

As of today, we're over half-way there! Five months and 166 training hours into a 10-month campaign and $3,680 raised toward a goal of $7,300 by November 1. Thank you for all of your generosity and support.

One Genesis Home family is half-way there this week too. This week N's family graduated from Genesis Home's Family Matters Program and moved into a permanent home of their own. N is the boy I raced in honor of back in February. Out of the structure shelter life provides, now is when the family's real work to not only remain financially and socially stable , but to thrive, actually begins.

I'm feeling like this month is when my real work begins too. Like N's family, what I do over the next few months will help determine whether I'll be successful in reaching my own goals. Because I know the basics, know what I need to do, have my systems in place, I could see how complacency happens.

I just don't feel like finishing this interval. I'll just skip an extra workout this week. What harm will more helping of unhealthy food do? Why am I doing this again?

Luckily, both N's family and I have support to help us succeed in this next stage of the journey. N's family has the out-of-shelter supportive services that Genesis Home's case management staff continue to provide to new graduates. I have my family, my coach, and you!

I hope you'll help N and me make it past the half-way point by making a donation to Genesis Home.