Sunday, March 16, 2008

Race Report (Of Sorts): Kidney Kare 5K

"If you can't ride two horses at once, you shouldn't be in the circus." - Unknown

Saturday's race was more like Part 1 of a life triathlon.

Since I decided to run the Kidney Kare 5K at the last minute, my legs and brain were pretty tired after a busy work week filled with lots of muscular endurance workouts that began at 5 a.m. Despite my intention to keep my expectations low-key, my body decided otherwise and woke me up well before Saturday morning's alarm - as per race-morning usual. I got up and- also per race-morning usual -downed some coffee, ate the first of several of the day's PB&Js, and got dressed in my Sage Endurance race wear. Then, in preparation for being away from the house all day, I loaded up my car in the Daylight Savings darkness with all sorts of gear and fuel and made my way towards Carrboro, NC

The Race (or a long run with some tough tempo in the middle)
After meeting up with Ray (my Tri to End Homelessness teammate and cheerleader for the morning), we ran 2 miles to the race site, picked up my chip, and did a few a strides. It was by far the most relaxed start to a race I've had in a long time. Nice!

I lined up with other folks who were hoping to run ~8 min/ mile. The start horn sounded and I went HARD off the line, per my coach's instructions. In an attempt to ignore my splits and really just run how I felt, I put black electrical tape over my watch. I later learned that I again ran the first mile in 7:26....and again, slowed down from there. Ah...I can just feel more muscular endurance workouts and speed work looming on the horizon.....Fun!

Soon after mile one, my Sage Endurance teammate Katy passed me looking incredibly focused and strong. I KNEW she was having a GREAT race. Meanwhile, I was questioning why on earth I had agreed to this run! I focused on cadence, counted my strides, and successfully talked myself out of walking (It will never cease to amaze me that I can run and run and run during my weekly workouts, but seriously thought about walking during this 3.1 mile run.....). One lesson from the day: Ray noted that my form looked a bit off and very heavy on my heels near mile 2.5. I probably could have found another gear if I had simply leaned forward a bit.

After crossing the finish lined in 25 minutes and change (I forgot to stop my watch and the official race results have not yet been posted), I congratulated Katy, sipped some HEED, and headed off for the rest of my run with Ray. Let's call my race results a "tired-leg PR" and move on.

"T1" and The Bike
After another 2 miles of running back to Ray's house, I quickly changed into my cycling gear, got my bike out of my car, ate PB&J #2, and headed out for an easy ride. 16 miles later I was back.

"T2" and The Rest of My Day
Home from my ride, I completed my morning with a short yoga practice in Ray's kitchen. The rest of my day entailed eating, showering, changing into outfit#4 of day, eating again, repacking the car, hosting a tea party-themed Baby Shower for 1 pregnant friend and 25 guests with Ray, Holly, and my Mom (we ate there too), and finally meeting up with Ryan for a laughter-filled family dinner in Chapel Hill (yes, more food).

14 hours later, I returned home. Exhausted and quite full.

I may not have hungered for a breakthrough run during the morning's race, but at the end of the day my appetite for life was wonderfully satisfied.

Monday Morning Update
Official race results are now posted.
Time: 25:19 (8:10/mile)
Age Group: 4/16
Women: 21/83
Overall: 70/177