Sunday, April 15, 2007

Valdese Sprint: Race Report - Part 2

After a wonderful, celebratory evening with our family in Asheville, NC, we've awoken on Sunday morning still aglow with our first race of the season. We're only getting faster from here!

THE SWIM - 250 yd, pool

Our sister Holly was competing in her very first triathlon! She was the first the first swimmer in the water -- but was quickly passed by super swimmer Ray. Robyn started 26 minutes later. Ray pushed the swim. Holly got a little frustrated -- as we all have in our first race. Robyn conserved a bit for the bike course that lay ahead. All of us felt solid about our swim times:
Ray, 3:58
Holly, 4:57
Robyn, 5:30

Lots and lots of ups and downs. At various points on the course, our speeds ranged between 7 miles per hour and 30 miles per hour. Holly truly gutted it out on a heavy mountain bike!

Ray, 36:31
Robyn, 38:31
Holly, 1:04:17

THE RUN - 3.1 mi, rolling

The course turnaround at the half-way point felt like it a while to reach, but once we did, Ray and Robyn tried to put the past month's speed work to the test! We both felt like the first half of the run was a little slow, but felt good about the push we made for the last 1.5 miles.

Ray, 27:00
Robyn, 27:33
Holly, 37:04

Overall, it was a fun, fun race. We're so proud of our little sis for taking on the challenge. We're thankful for our parents' cheerleading and our husbands' support. Now, we're ready to go faster!