Tuesday, January 16, 2007

25 Things About Genesis Home

1. Genesis Home works to end homelessness for families with children, and for young people, by providing housing and supportive services that foster independence.
2. In 2006, Genesis Home provided long-term shelter for 32 families...
3. ... 53 children...
4. ... and 3 homeless youth who had aged out of foster care.
5. 33 of the children living at Genesis Home in 2006 were 0-5 years old.
6. Families can stay at Genesis Home for up to two years while working or going to school.
7. The average income of families coming into the home was $426 per month.
8. Upon leaving, families had a average income of $977 per month.
9. Debt among families decreased 14% during their stays at Genesis Home.
10. Nine staff work at Genesis Home.
11. Families living at Genesis Home are homeless for many reasons.
12. Some families have been downsized out of there jobs.
13. Some families are fleeing domestic abuse.
14. Some families faced a health care crisis and had no insurance.
15. Some families have one or more members with mental illness.
16. Some families are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.
17. In 2006, there were 1,711 homeless men, women, and children in the Triangle.
18. 502 of those people lived in Durham County.
19. Volunteers provide critical services at Genesis Home, including:
20. ...tutoring...
21. ...building maintenance...
22. ...fundraising...
23. ...life skills teaching...
24. ...and Board governance...
25. Genesis Home glady accepts donations!