Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Switch

"Our intention creates our reality." - Wayne Dyer

Last night, my dear friend Carly and I were chatting about what I like to call The Switch: switching from 'just going out for a run' to running with a specific purpose in mind, switching from exercising to training, switching from someone who might workout today to someone who knows exactly how many minutes and in what heartrate zone she will run, bike, and/ or swim this morning and this evening.

For me, The Switch happened last year as I found myself - a dedicated exerciser and back of the pack runner who knew she could go the distance, but never REALLY pushed on through to the other side - doing things I never thought I would or could swiming hundreds of yards at at time, plyometrics, and 1 mile time trials in under 8 minutes.

I became an athlete. That identity shift created a new intention for all of my workouts, gave purpose to the alarm going off incredibly early, and formed a new reality in which I now live my life. It made what before seemed impossible, just another goal to work towards. And it made the WORK it takes to reach that goal FUN.

It made me actually look forward to weeks like this one, which is chock full of very challenging, speed-focused, VO2 max-increasing workouts.

I think that the families living at Genesis Home have are also called to make a switch of their own. Choosing to change from what used to come so naturally - and often so destructively - to what comes intentionally.