Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You know you're having a frustrating week when....

1. On the way to the pool this morning you side-swipe your own car by seriously scraping it up against the retaining wall bordering your narrow driveway.

2. Both pairs of your regular goggles break mid-workout.

3. In attempt to just get through your yardage, you pull out a pair of mask-like goggles (that leak), only to find at the end of your workout that said goggles have given you a giant forehead hickey.

4. You are just a few hours away from giving a presentation at a big conference....with a giant, red, blotchy forehead hickey. Lovely.

Did I really just say that despite external circumstances, "I can handle it - with grace"?

Breath and form. Perspective. Breath and form. Perspective. Breath and form.