Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Intention: Let it Go & Lay it Down

"What is the purpose of my life/ If it doesn't ever do/ With learning to let it go..." - Jack Johnson, Go On

.... And then, your husband makes a joke about the whole string of incidents, you get a good night's sleep, you go for a great run, and you remember what's important.

So, I race again on Saturday. This time my littlest sister Holly will be joining me in running the Franklin 5000 5K.

It's been a frustrating few days to say the least. Instead of continuing to wallow in the world of UGH, my intention for the race is to harness all of my irritation - banged-up car, forehead hickey and all -- and then LET IT GO by laying down an all out 3.1 miles on well-rested legs. Then, I'll wipe the slate clean and enjoy the next 7 weeks, building to my first A race of the year.

Perhaps I'll start living this intention right now....