Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekly Workout Wrap-Up (& Preview!)

Shew! Made it through about 10 hours of training and travel last week and am SO excited about the week ahead. Here's the story:

Monday - Rocket swim & and a glorious post-work easy run in the rain.
Tuesday - Lactic threshold bike intervals and yoga core work.
Wednesday - Speed work in the pool and run with pickups.
Thursday - Two-hour bike on the trainer (serious mental training) followed by yoga and a flight to Minneapolis.
Friday - Rest / work!
Saturday - Long run in a new city followed by an easy spin in the hotel gym and yoga.
Sunday - Rest and fly home.

I'm thrilled that all roads this week lead to my first triathlon of the year! This season, I'm competing in the Try Sports Development Series. I have several specific time goals-- but also hope to really see what I can do in my age group! I can't wait for Saturday.