Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Intention: Embrace It

"If you are focused on “the way it’s supposed to be,” you might miss the opportunity to enjoy the way it is or to have it be wonderful in a totally different way from what you imagined." - Susan Jeffers, Feel the Fear...and Do It Anyway

After two full days of rest, lots of fluids and calories, and a clarifying recommitment to my health following Sunday's incident, I took myself out for a test run on Tuesday morning....on the treadmill, at the gym, wearing my Road ID, with my husband at my side....just in case. I was happy to feel quite a spring in my step!

Assuming that the rest of this week goes as planned (Well, as modified, since I've decided to reduce my workout load out of extra precaution), I'll be joining several Sage Endurance teammates for my first race of the year: The Coach Bubba 4-Mile Road Race.

I have a time goal. I have a radical time goal. I have a super-secret radical time goal.

However, I'm remembering the lessons from last year and instead am working to bring my focus away from my goals and toward my intention. For this race, my intention is to EMBRACE the mental and physical pain that comes with running ALL OUT.

Yes, I choose to run this race.
Yes, running at the top of my ability will be very difficult.
Yes, I have several mental strategies that I can call upon- and this race will be very short!
Yes, I am prepared to bring my very best - as I have it available to me on that day- to the line.