Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our Intention: Bravery and Joy

"This is where we need to remember to be a little bit brave." - Rachel, explaining the narrow bike shoot leading to T2 at the Triangle Triathlon.

"Wheeeeeee!!!!!!" - A 5-year old girl learning how to dive off of the blocks at the Durham YMCA pool last Friday afternoon

As we prepare to race this weekend, we're thinking about the question that our coach and yoga teacher always asks as we settle into her yoga class: What is your intention for practice? The intention is not necessarily a goal, but is instead a focal point for reflection, a reminder, a question we return to as we move from pose to pose. This weekend, our intentions are to be a little bit brave and remember the joy!

During Saturday's race, this means:

  • Experiencing the pre-race anxiety- and encouraging ourselve to Be five. Go Play. Wheeeeee!!!!
  • Feeling the swim gremlins creep up or a fellow swimmer get a bit too close - and thinking with All is well. I am calm and smooth.
  • Being unsure about how much we can push the pace - and saying Possibility.
  • Hearing our bodies say I hate this! I'm done after T2 - and responding with This is what I've worked for. Downshift and take the next step.

At the end of yoga class, we're asked to simply remember our intention - not judge how well we remained true to it. We'll be doing the same after our race.