Monday, February 18, 2008

Cautionary Tale: An Addendum

Looking back, yesterday's episode did have a few funny moments:

- Of course, being surrounded by medical professionals at Kinko's did create quite a scene and, as a result, a small crowd gathered. The funny part? The woman at the machine next to me who just kept printing out her digital photos...not at all bothered by the woman laying on the ground beside her. Can I please have a dose of that mental focus during my next race?!!!

- Being asked if I was pregnant about 27 times in the matter of 30 minutes!

- Having the "Are you pregnant?" questions promptly followed by "Have you done cocaine, today?" TODAY????!!!!

- The wonderful EMT asking about my racing, talking about his past attempts at running, and chatting away about a documentary on a woman training for the Marathon des Sables. Me? Trying to respond and be polite, but thinking "Dude, seriously, I REALLY can't think about, chat about, provide advice about training and racing right now. But, thanks for being interested!"