Monday, July 23, 2007

Ride for the Land

This weekend we joined two of Ray's co-workers in participating in the Ride for the Land - a beautiful 45 mile tour supporting the work of Triangle Land Conservancy. The ride took us to new cycling territory throughout the deep river region of Chatham, Moore, and Lee counties.

A few notes from the day:

  • The day started off with a strange bang when a male cyclist who was getting up there in years looked at us with a glimmer in his eye and dubiously asked if he could help us put sunscreen on.!!!
  • We twice poured one out for our homies who unfortunately gave the ride's resident bike mechanic a few early morning projects.
  • One of our rest stops was the House in the Horseshoe, a house that survived the American Revolutionary War and still sits on acres and acres of incredible farmland.
  • Our legs and hips were still feeling the effects of plyo!
  • After the ride, Robyn headed over to Genesis Home for some refueling at the shelter's annual summer party for residents and staff. 20 kids who happen to be homeless, forgetting their cares, playing joyfully on the slip 'n slide, and stuffing themselves with ice cream. What could be better!