Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yards into Miles

"Endurance is patience concentrated.” - Thomas Carlyle

If you've been following along since the Tri to End Homelessness journey started back in January 2007, you know that swimming has been my most challenging discipline.

When I first started training for triathlon in Spring 2006, I could not swim from one end of the pool to the other without stopping. Literally, I could not make it 25 yards. I was afraid of putting my face in the water. I didn't understand how to blow air out of my nose while taking my strokes. I kicked WAY too hard and yet still felt like my legs were always sinking.

Learning to swim has required an immense amount of patience. It very well may be one of the hardest things I ever done.

This morning my swim workout included a 40 minute straight, steady swim. After warming up, I started my watch and swam at a pace I could have continued all day. If I counted correctly (and that's a big IF!), I swam 2,125 yards or 1.21 miles - the same distance I'll be swimming come November 1.

When I touched the wall, I was happy to be done, but immediately and unconsciously switched my thoughts to "o.k....helmet, glasses, shoes, bike, GO!" A very good sign.

Patience pays off.