Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Aging Up

“They are too inhibited to put their full passion out there,” she said. “They are almost afraid to be serious about a sport. They think that if they’re not the best, they shouldn’t care so much.” - Mary Wittenberg, New York Road Runners, on why younger women often run slower races than older women

Too inhibited. Too afraid of what others think. Unaware of the radical possibilities that are only shallowly hidden inside. That's the way this article describes many amateur women runners in their twenties.

On this, my 30th birthday, I'm thankful that my twenties -- especially the last six in which I became an athlete - taught me to let all of that go (in sport and life) and simply go for it. Grunting, all the way home.

Here's to entering a new age group, starting a new decade physically, spiritually, and emotionally healthier than I've ever been before, and celebrating my 30th year all the way to $7,300 and the B2B finish line.

...and just in case you're still wondering what to get me for this important birthday, look no further than HERE.