Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Shifting Identities

“The value of identity of course is that so often with it comes purpose.” - Richard R. Grant

We wear a lot of different uniforms -- and lately, as we shift from identity to identity, we've been feeling like Wonder Woman, hurriedly shifting from attentive nurse to super heroine simply by trading her matronly whites for bulletproof bracelets.

The alarm goes off and the transformation begins. We wipe the sleep from our eyes and quickly move from Helpful Partners- coffee made, lunches ready, to-do list complete, laundry started - to Dedicated Fundraising Triathletes with the early donning of our speedos, caps, and goggles.

Swim is complete and we morph again from Dedicated Fundraising Triathletes into Real Life Professionals. Out of our tri bags come the accoutrement of our daytime personas - business casual attire, make-up, blow dryers, jewelry, and the occasional high heel. From behind the gym shower curtain, we emerge ready to take on the next part of our adventure. Few within the world of our Real Life Professional selves, truly know what superpowers we hold within.

Work ends and into the tri bag we reach again to revitalize the Dedicated Fundraising Triathlete within - sometimes changing inside the sanctum of Real Life Professional (the office, the car, the office bathroom) and emerging anew. Bike shorts, jersey, bike shoes, helmet, and our very own bulletproof bracelet -The Road ID - on, and we're off!

With the evening workout complete, we return home and our Helpful Partner selves reemerge as we shower and dress in the evening uniform of well-worn race t-shirts, well-loved stretchy pants, and sports bras we never seem to get out of.

Each day we awake with the power to shift from identity to identity -- a Choose Your Own Adventure of "Who do I want to be and What do I want my life to be about today?" Just as triathlon has helped us find that freedom, the staff at Genesis Home help homeless moms and dads envision new identities for themselves. We all have that power within.