Monday, August 13, 2007

Central Park Special

For the past week, Ray has been on vacation with her husband and in-laws - touring New York City, hiking throughout Bar Harbour, Maine, and eating lots of lobster in Nova Scotia -- all while attempting to keep up with tri training.

Our flexible coach, designed last week's plan around Ray's destinations - including a 1-mile time trial in Central Park. Here's what Ray wrote in her training log for that day:

I LOVE CENTRAL PARK!!!! What a great run today. I love Central Park and I thoroughly enjoyed my run! My mile TT was 7:50 but now that I've had some rest I think I could go a bit faster. It's just so hard to know how to pace yourself for just one hard mile. I've never done that before. Just when I was thinking holy crap this is really REALLY hard, it was over. The weather was only in the low 80's this morning and the sun was shining. Truly a great start to our long day of sight seeing (and walking on these tired legs!) in NYC! The best part was discovering that the tennis center had free showers, showering with no soap or towel, getting dressed and hitting the city with wet matted hair--talk about the hybrid life we lead!