Monday, March 26, 2007

Tri Celebrity Sighting!

Training goes on and we're both itching to race! Only three more weeks until we make our 2007 debut at the Endurance Triathlon Series' Valdese Sprint! We're psyched to see (1) how our bodies respond after the last three months of work, (2) our little sister, Holly, race her first tri, and (3) our parents cheering for us at the finish line!

This past weekend Robyn was in St. Petersburg, FL for work-related travel and had a true triathlon celebrity sighting! The Subaru Women's Triathlon Series was also taking place in St. Pete this weekend. During Robyn's Saturday run, she was joined by 2003 Ironman Champion Nicole DeBoom! Robyn instantly recognized her by the sporty running skirt she was wearing! What fun to be out training with a champ!