Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Commitment & Education

"The only road out of poverty runs by the schoolhouse." - William Winter

We talk a lot about commitment during our joint training workouts. Commitment to our marriages. Commitment to our extended families. Commitment to really showing up and leading joyful, rich lives. Commitment to our goals.

Yesterday, Ray's commitment to one of her life goals really, really paid off. After two years of graduate school on top of two years of taking extra pre-requisite classes on top of two years of shadowing and professional observation, Ray was accepted into a Doctoral-level physical therapy program!!! This program will bring together Ray's love of sports, love of movement, and love of helping people -- and on top of that, after three more years she'll be Dr. Ray!

After Ray graduates from the DPT program, we'll have 5 bachelor's degrees, 3 master's degrees, and 1 doctoral degree among us and our husbands. That's A LOT of education - especially considering the fact that our parents were the first people in their families to go to college. From an early age, our mom and dad instilled in us the value of education -- and its critical importance as a tool for creating the lives we want to live.

Folks living at Genesis Home most often don't come from families like ours. In most cases, very few people have encouraged these moms and dads to pursue education. Many Genesis Home families feel like they could never get into - let alone- afford college. However, through the Bob Jackson Scholarship Program, the Genesis Home staff hope to change that. This program helps Genesis Home families pay for GED programs, technical training programs, and college degrees. Genesis Home families show their commitment to education -- and our community helps them get it.

To celebrate the payoff of Ray's commitment to education, we stayed true to our commitment to this year's triathlon goals with a fun, fast, and flat 20 mile ride yesterday afternoon.