Friday, March 16, 2007

The Company We Keep

This week we've had a mix of joint and individual workouts. When we can , we prefer to train together. However, all too often our work and school schedules only allow us to complete our long workouts together on weekends. This week Robyn had a swim at the YMCA pool with no other swimmers sharing any of the lanes and Rachel had an early morning run in virtual darkness, with Laurel (her beloved Boxer dog/ child) as her primary companion. During these solo workouts, we may be on our own, but we're rarely alone:

  • Singers Bono and Mary J. Blige serenade us on the pool deck (or at least in our minds) with their version of "One" that has become a Tri to End Homelessness training and fundraising anthem.
  • Coach Sage breezes by the road and gently reminds us that balance is the key to training.
  • Our husbands propel us forward, telling us that they're proud and reminding us that we can do it.
  • The community of triathlete bloggers who's pages we read regularly run up ahead, shouting back that they've been there and the journey is worth it.
  • Genesis Home families stand beside us in the locker room and say thank you.
  • ....and the many friends and family members who have helped us raise over $1,200 to support those Genesis Home families in their journey out of homelessness send love through the universe that enables us to kick and pedal and stride (and sometimes shuffle...) on to the finish line.