Monday, March 19, 2007


"What really matters is what you do with what you have." - Shirley Lord

Learning to adapt is becoming a critical part of our training.

The workouts don't always go as planned. Our bodies don't always respond in the ways we think they should. Our time mysteriously gets sucked away even when we think we've got a schedule figured out. The weather changes and a cold, cold snap shuts down the enticing Spring weather for another few days. Life happens.

In the midst of this reality, adaptation is a key element in achieving our goals for the season and our lives. This past week, our work schedules conflicted with each other and we worked with our very flexible coach to rearrange the whole week so that we could still find time to train together.

Then, Ray adapted her weights workout so that she could make time to have a special impromptu dinner cooked with love by chef Ryan (He runs a homeless shelter, he cooks, he folds laundry.....Robyn is so lucky!). Getting to gym would have meant missing out on family fun, so instead she lifted old paint cans on the back of Robyn & Ryan's deck.

The cold forced weekend workouts inside, so we revamped bike plans at the last minute, turning a planned 1 hour 40 minute hill ride into an early Sunday morning 1 hour 20 minute trainer ride, simulating hills while in front of the TV. We bailed on the last twenty minutes in order to go support Ray's brother-in-law at his first tri of the season. He won by 54 seconds!

Knowing our priorities. Adapting as needed.