Friday, February 16, 2007

What a Privilege

To whom much is given, much is expected. - Luke 12:48

In his recent blog post, Chris reminds us what a privilege it is to train for and participate in a sport we love.

Triathlon takes resources -- physical, financial, emotional, mental, and spiritual resources. As we train in solidarity with the homeless families living at Genesis Home, the financial resources are particularly on our minds. Running shoes, tri suits, road bikes, bike repairs, bike shoes, wet suits, goggles, more running shoes, specialized socks, tri bikes, aerobars, lighter pedals, race fees....they all add up....and that adding up means that too often this sport seems out of reach for too many. What if that weren't so?

Robyn works in a nonprofit organization and Rachel is a full-time student. We're certainly not wealthy, but we have so much more than many in our community. We've made a choice to use some of our financial resources to participate in a sport that brings us a lot of joy. We feel extremely grateful to have that choice. This season that joy is multiplied by the fact that we've also made a choice to also use some of our financial resources to ensure that the families at Genesis Home have a second chance to also find joy in their lives. Thank you to those of you who are joining us!