Monday, February 19, 2007


Faith is not belief. Belief is passive. Faith is active. - Edith Hamilton

A Post From Robyn - one of the Tri to End Homelessness Gals:

Today, I became a swimmer. Today, I remembered that baby steps really do add up. Today, I learned again that putting one foot, one arm, one kick in front of the other really will get me to the end. Today, I know that action will transform me, give me wings, and change my life...again and again and again.

This morning I swam 1850 yards as part of my olympic distance training. Not long for some, but long for me. Long and strong -- not panting, gulping for air. Long and strong -- reaching with sure, refined strokes. Long and strong - knowing that I could do it, knowing that the power is within me...just waiting to be released.

My long time best friend and I chatted on the phone last night about faith and progress. In the midst of the Montana winter, she's training for her second 5K -- one sure step at a time. She reminded me that only 5 years ago, I couldn't run for 5 straight minutes on the treadmill -- and this weekend, I ran for over an hour mostly just for fun. I had faith then that I could complete a 5k, then a 10k, then a half-marathon, then a full 26.2....and I have faith now that I will indeed get through my first olympic distance tri swim.

One true stroke. I can do this.
One true step. The families of Genesis Home can achieve their goals too.