Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fundraising PR

"Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose." - Helen Keller

As of this week, Tri to End Homelessness 2008 has officially raised more to support the homeless families living at Genesis Home that we did in 2007! To date, generous friends, family members, neighbors, blog readers, and strangers have contributed $6,341. Thank you!

Like the many racing personal records I've attained this season, this PR feels amazing. And, like I generally feel after I cross the finish line, I know that we can do more. Simply finishing my race on November 1 will be a PR for me. Simply put, I've never done it before -- but that's not stopping me from thinking bigger. Here are the three goals I have:

(1) THE GOAL - Since this will be my first attempt at the half-iron distance, I want to finish! Simply crossing that finish line will be a huge accomplishment and one that, only three years ago, I never dreamed of. I will celebrate finishing regardless of how long it takes.

(2) THE BIG TIME GOAL - On a good day with decent weather, I can finish in just over six hours. Here's how I'm thinking about it:

Swim: 0:40 (2:00/ 100m)
Bike: 3:05 (just under 18 mph)
Run: 2:05 (9:30 / mi)
Transitions/incidentals / potty breaks!: 0:15
TOTAL: 6:05

Finishing in this amount of time will NOT be easy. It will require all of my mental skills, especially on the run, especially at the end. But, I know that it is within me and I will have lived up to my potential if I finish in around this time.

(3) THE SUPER SECRET (at least until now) RADICAL TIME GOAL - Sub-6 hours. By any (legal) means possible. It will be a breakthrough day if I cross that line in 5:59:59. The stars will have aligned, the weather will be perfect, and I will have laid it all out there.

Simply raising more money to advance Genesis Home's programs is a huge accomplishment. But now, with 10 days to go, we're only $959 away from achieving the radical goal of $7,300. It's mile 10 of the run and the last 5K feels so, so long - but crossing that line will be worth it. Can we all dig a little deeper and make this race a breakthrough performance?

You can donate HERE -- and list Tri to End Homelessness in the "Payment For" section.