Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ode to the Recovery Spin

"Total rest has its place, naturally, but so does an intentionally easy workout." - Sage Rountree, Sage Endurance Newsletter, April 2008

Each Thursday morning for the last three weeks, I've hopped on my bike and enjoyed the benefits of a nice and easy recovery spin: Forty-five to 60 minutes. High cadence. Low, low effort.

I've learned to look forward to it as my mid-week break. By the end of the workout, my legs actually feel better than I think they would have had I not done anything at all. The spring is back (well, almost!) and I'm ready to take on the tempo run that awaits me on Friday!

In response to fellow blogger Tri Greyhound's Blogger Poetry Contest, here's the haiku that came to mind during this morning's spin:

Spin, spin, spin: I ride,
Leaving behind heavy legs
and finding my kick!