Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lost Excuses

"For many people, an excuse is better than an achievement because an achievement, no matter how great, leaves you having to prove yourself again in the future; but an excuse can last for life."- Eric Hoffer

I've lost my excuses.

Back when I used to exercise, finding an excuse not to was a regular occurrence.

Stayed up too late the night before? Let's just keep hitting the snooze alarm. I'll sleep in today and exercise tomorrow.

Too wet, too cold, too hot, too dry outside? Who wants to run in that. I'll skip it today and hope for better weather tomorrow.

Busy day at work? I have to be at work early / stay at work late. No time today. There's always tomorrow.

During yesterday's early morning run, on a Monday, before a busy day at work, in the pouring rain, after the alarm went off very early, after I'd already swam for an hour in the dark, before I'd later practice yoga for another hour, after pre-planning all of my clothing changes, preparing my first and second breakfasts and packing my lunch and afternoon snacks, I realized that all of my old excuses are gone.

One day at a time, every day, for the last couple of years, they've disappeared. Sure, there are still days when I don't want to, when I decide to spend time with my family or friends instead of my scheduled workout, when I listen to my body and take an extra day of rest, but those are CHOICES - not excuses - and I certainly no longer make them several days in a row.

Instead of welcoming obstacles, I now find myself looking for opportunities.

Stayed up too late the night before? Feet on the ground when the alarm goes off. I can treat myself to a nap this afternoon.

Too wet, too cold, too hot, too dry? Great! I'll stay cool, warm up quickly, feel so good when it's done. What clothing combination will work best?

Busy day at work? Let's set the alarm earlier today. It will be worth it this evening. Plan ahead. Clothes set out. Breakfast made. Lunch packed. Plans for dinner....CHECK.

The families that are successful at Genesis Home also know what it's like to lose their excuses. It's making a different choice, every day. It's looking back after a couple of years and seeing those daily choices strung together. It's watching your life transform.