Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Addendum: Valdese Sprint Triathlon

"Just 1 or 2 YEARS more of hard running..." - Sage Rountree

What a difference a year - and great coaching - makes!

Due to a timing malfunction at last weekend's race, I don't have completely accurate split times; however, the race organizers have clarified where transition times were added. If I estimate my transition times based on last year's averages, I'm even more pleased with my race results than I was earlier this week.

Swim (2008 / 2007)
250 yds
5:05 / 5:30 (Fastest avg 100 yd time in any tri to date!)

~1:00/ 0:55

9 mi
33:24 / 38:31

~1:00 / 1:01

3.1 mi
26:35/27:33 (Fastest 5K time in any tri to date! )

When my coach said the quote above after a frustrating race last season, I remember thinking 'YEARS....are you freakin' kidding me!!!!!!.... I have to continue training at this level for YEARS to see real improvement. '

Turns out that one YEAR went by a lot faster than I ever thought it would. Thanks Sage!!!