Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Local Events

Speaking of how great the Tar Heels are.....

Check out the informative local events that are taking place in Chapel Hill as part of Poverty Awareness Week:

March 25: World Premiere of "Change Comes Knocking," a film about the NC Fund, an anti-poverty organization called the North Carolina Fund that confronted the issues of race, class and politics during the turbulent 1960s. Union Auditorium beginning at 7:00pm, followed by a panel of speakers.

March 26-27: 24-hour HUNGER FAST begins at 6:00pm Wednesday and breaks at 6:00pm Thursday with a free dinner at the BOX-OUT in the Pit . Sign up in the Pit from 10am-4pm or in front of the post office on Franklin St. from 10am-2pm. BOX-OUT will feature live music, food, panelists from Washington, DC, and the opportunity to spend the night in a cardboard box to raise awareness about homelessness.

March 26: Public forum on "Real Change from Spare Change" at 5pm in Hanes Art Center 121. Panel discussion on panhandling issues and policies in Chapel Hill. Bring one empty paper grocery bag.

March 27: The Faces of Homelessness of the National Coalition for the Homeless in Washington, DC, will present panelists made up of formerly and currently homeless individuals who will share their stories and discuss the conditions of poverty in the US. Sponsored by RHA, Hillel, and the Campus Y. Email westmm@email.unc.edu for more information.

March 28: Discussion of the conditions of rural poverty in NC led by David Dodson, executive director of MDC Inc. and keynote speaker for the 2nd Annual UNC Poverty Awareness Week. Event will take place at 12pm in the Campus Y.

Contact westmm@email.unc.edu for more information about any of these events.