Friday, January 18, 2008

On Swim Fins, Sleep, and Saying Goodbye: Workout Wrap-Up

"Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat." ~Ann Landers

I'm glad to read that I'm not the only one who's pooped at the end of this week! Goals for this week included building on the increased volume and intensity my dear coach added to last week's mix. Build, volume, intensity: CHECK.

Monday: The week started off with the first three workout day of the year. Get up super early, grab the 17 bags of gear, clothes, and food you've packed the night before, be the first one at the gym when it opens, swim, drive home, bike, work 8 hours, practice yoga, eat, fall into a deeply satisfied coma.....'nuf said.

Tuesday: A chilly long run as the sun rose, followed by weights after work. I focused on really keeping my heartrate in my assigned zones. Who knew that going *slower* would one day be so challenging?!

Wednesday: The morning brought a special ritual: a last dance with my current wonderful road bike, before a I turned it over to my new friend Hollie, a dedicated runner who's now well on her way to dominating duathlon. That's, right -- the birthday fairy is bringing a new bike into my life in celebration of my upcoming 30th! More on that exciting development soon.

The evening brought amusement as I made my way through a very challenging swim workout with paddles and fins. Note: The first time you use fins in the pool, be sure to swim in the lane next to the elementary school swim team. They provide endless encouragement, tips, and some great gawky stares in your direction.

Thursday: Less than 12 hours after the fin/ paddle adventure, I found myself back in the pool early Thursday morning. The work of the week definitely got me. I stumbled my way out of the pool up to the weight room and simply got 'er done. Thursday afternoon, I skipped one my first scheduled workouts of the year: No bike, no time for a spin class, no evening mojo....

Friday - Sunday: This morning I awoke up in the snow-covered North Carolina mountains for a long birthday celebration weekend getaway. After 9.5 glorious hours of sleep, I'm heading out to attack some hill repeats and savor my day off from work. Happy Friday!