Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pure Joy

"This is awesome! Don't you think that this is awesome?! I think that this is AWESOME." - 10-year boy currently living at Genesis Home during Friday's Carolina Hurricanes Hockey game

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to hang out with a bunch of smart, fun-loving kids and cheer on our local hockey team. These kids happen to be homeless and currently live with their parents or guardians at Genesis Home.

Because Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Players Eric Staal and Erik Cole donated their VIP club level box to Genesis Home for the evening, three families were able to enjoy a carefree night out together. The pure joy exuded by kids there as they walked into the box, instantly changed into their free Hurricanes t-shirts, and staked out their seats was inspiring.

On days like today when everyday-life frustration seems to lurk around every corner, and I find myself slogging through a quick Isolated Leg Training workout, I want to remember them and shout "This is awesome."