Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Getting Feisty

"My staff told me that I'm getting feisty." - Ryan, Executive Director of Genesis Home (aka Robyn's husband)

After being on vacation all of last week, Ryan came home on Monday from his evening staff meeting at Genesis Home and said that his staff thinks he came back pretty feisty. At GH, it's that whip-cracking time of year: the summer lull has passed, quarterly staff reviews are coming up, fundraising is in full swing, families are actively working on their plans to move into homes of their own.

With 11 days left until our goal race for the year, we're feeling a little feisty too! This week's workouts include our last race pace efforts before next week's taper. We're hitting our swim t-paces over and over again, running hard at tempo speed to remind our arms and legs of how fast they can actually move, and revving up our bike cadence and power - all while visualizing what's to come. Next Saturday we want to harness all of the feistiness we've shown in training - when it really counts!