Friday, June 22, 2007


force /fɔrs, foʊrs/
1. physical power or strength possessed by a living being: He used all his force in opening the window.
2. strength or power exerted upon an object; physical coercion; violence: to use force to open the window; to use force on a person.
3. power to influence, affect, or control; efficacious power: the force of circumstances; a force for law and order.
5. unlawful violence threatened or committed against persons or property.
6. persuasive power; power to convince: They felt the force of his arguments.

It's Friday, we're nearing the end of a two-week block of force workouts, and all of the above definitions seem to apply to our recent training!

The weights have been heavier, the hills steeper, the intervals longer. Hopefully we're building more 'physical power' that will 'persuade' our bodies to do their very best as they 'exert' on the race course and 'influence' our finishing times! The difficulty of the workouts has only been mildly 'violent' and only infrequently 'unlawful'....