Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Test Week!

Do every day or two something for no other reason than you would rather not do it, so that when the hour of dire need draws nigh, it may find you not unnerved and untrained to stand the test.” - William James

After spending last week transitioning (read: lots of eating, resting, time with family, and celebrating Ray's successful completion of her MPH!) from our early season sprints to building for our fall Olympic distance race, we're turning up the volume again this week. That's right, we're back to serious base building -- and this time, our coach, has included some significant tests!

Early this morning, we completed a 10 mile time trial on our bikes in to gauge our speed and estimate our lactic threshold. Nothing gives us a sense of accomplishment like riding that hard before we settle into our "regular" everyday work. We walked into our jobs with the sense that we share a special secret!

Thursday and Friday will bring similar run and swim tests. Throughout the season, we'll refer to what we learn this week as benchmarks for measuring our progress.

Test week here we come!