Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gears and Cheers

After last week's tough several days of training, Ray and her husband Ray participated in "the bike ride where wine -ing is allowed!"

Last Saturday couldn’t have been a better day for a bike ride! It was unseasonably cool, bright, and sunny. Perfect weather for biking is tough to come by, but Ray and Dave thought that Gears and Cheers hit the spot.

The ride started at the Grove Winery just north of Elon University. They opted for the 40 mile ride and it was worth it! The ride included rural roads, lots of support, rest stops with especially friendly volunteers, and good snacks. Perhaps the coolest part of the ride was the rest stop at Chinqua Penn Plantation.

By the end of 44 miles both husband and wife were ready to be off their bikes, and arrived back at the Grove Winery for a delicious box lunch on the patio, live music, and of course a chance to taste some wine. Riders even got a wine glass to take home.

It’s safe to say that it was truly a perfect day: good company, gorgeous weather, tasty food, and a bit of training! Being the good fundraisers they are, both Ray and Dave felt especially good knowing that the proceeds from the ride would be supporting the National MS Society.