Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The week after our first race of the season has been hectic one. Robyn's very busy at work. Ray is working hard to finish up her master's degree (only a few more weeks left!). Our houses are a mess. Our refrigerators are empty. Clothes are dirty. Mysterious bills keep showing up. And gas is three dollars a gallon. Wouldn't you know that Life just keeps creeping up!

During this week's "life moments" we've found ourselves using several of the motivational mantras that we also relied on during last weekend's race:

Take it as it comes. -- One step at a time, whether it's racing, working to meet a deadline, or dealing with a car break-in (as Ray and Dave faced yesterday).

Breath and form. Breath and form. -- Focusing our breath and form during a race helps us maintain power even when we're tired. Similarly, returning to our breath helps calm the nervous chatter when the days events are replaying in our heads as we try to fall asleep. Remembering our 'office form' also helps keep us alert when we're faced with too many hours in front of the computer.

It's there if you want it -- Robyn has been using this one to help her focus on speed during her runs. She's also been pulling it out this week, as a reminder that is her one and only life -- it's hers to create.

The life season never ends, so share your mantras with us!